Panela Cheese

Anybody know where I can obtain some Panela cheese in the Milwaukee Metro area? I would prefer Brookfield or west of there as far as Oconomowoc as far as area. Doesn't mean I won't take a hike down to El Rey and find some (I live west of Waukesha).

It's alive!

I've been away, I know. But I've been active everywhere else. Check my MySpace for what new music I have out, or that's coming out. As well as DJ gigs coming up and all that. Too much of a hassle to keep track of so many sites these days for promotions.
techno puppet

New Music Available for Download

With a successful release on Soul Fuel Recordings (Struggles), I've got an EP out on Scoreless After Two.

The two track EP features one swing/blues type track being played by the likes of Mark Farina, Jonn Hawley, Karl Almaria, and others. The other is more of a techy/moody vibe that has received good response from several people along the likes of Rich Sutcliffe and Dong.

Click Here to Download Hussy Fit EP on
A1 - Hussy Fit
B1 - The New Shit